Growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Thomas Allain was put in piano lessons at the age of five with his parents' hopes of starting a family band. While the Partridge Family dream faded, Thomas’ interest in musical expression only grew. By the age of 12, the self-taught guitarist was singing pop covers and playing top 40s songs at his classical piano recitals. Thomas joined his high school jazz band as a pianist, learning to love playing in a group and finding his niche as a vocalist and instrumentalist. Visits from the US Military jazz bands and regular trips to the clubs on U Street in D.C. allowed Thomas to see what it was like to pursue music as a career, not just a hobby.


Armed with his grandfather’s old jazz records, Thomas started school at the University of Florida in 2017, studying marine sciences and minoring in jazz. In addition to fronting the school’s big band, belting jazz standards, and crafting his own original pop music, Thomas can frequently be found singing and playing at venues around Gainesville, FL.  Through his studies in music, Thomas has gained a breadth of experience from home production advice from a Recording Academy Governor to singing in Portuguese with renowned Brazilian musicians in Miami. In addition to pursuing a degree in marine sciences, Thomas is working towards certification as a scientific diver and has published research on the discovery of a new virus that affects aquatic animals. He also volunteered producing and editing content for the High Dive Live From Home series to help the Gainesville venue, the High Dive, through the COVID-19 shutdown.

Thomas leads and writes music for the indie rock band, The Late Night Losers. He's been featured onstage with José Valentino Ruiz, Jacaré Brazil, Scott Wilson, Candlelight Cassia, and Jazzology. Previous performance venues include the Heartwood Soundstage, the Philips Center for the Performing Arts, Bo Didley Plaza, the High Dive, The New World School of the Arts, The Digital Worlds Institute, The Harn Museum of Art, Emerson Alumni Hall, University Auditorium, The Bull, Alpin Bistro, One Love Cafe, and Downtown Wine & Cheese among other Gainesville bars and restaurants.